What We Are

In 2021, ten independent production companies came together to establish THE CREATIVES, a longterm partnership through which they will collaborate on co-productions, forge strategic joint ventures, share information and combine their networks.

In 2021 the companies struck a deal with UK based producer and distributor Fremantle, which will aid the development and funding of a selection of drama series from the label.

Ten companies, ten different identities, which want to maintain their individuality and their cultures as well as that of the talent they work with. THE CREATIVES will allow them to leverage their brands into other markets and strengthen their identities in the face of a fast-changing film and TV landscape.

THE CREATIVES are united in order to stay as free and creatively original as possible, and dedicated to supplying films and series which audiences will respond to. They are committed to offer fair conditions to the talent they work with and to strengthen the long-term relationships with writers, showrunners, and directors as well as with new talent.

In 2022, THE CREATIVES announced the launch of THE CREATIVE CONNECTION, a new series of innovative, experimental, interdisciplinary brainstorming & pre-writing workshops, supported by the European Commission and set to take place across Europe in 2023. For more information on THE CREATIVE CONNECTIONplease click here