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motivation, inspiration, direction. and taffy.

sometimes we all need a little inspiration, a little exterior motivation…  a little direction.

mondo beyondo -oh how i would love to do this.  if anyone would love to give me an early birthday present (hint, hint) this would hit the ball out of the park.  dream big!  i’ve been following andrea scher for a long time (my starburst necklace with the hidden “joy” message on the back is made by her), and she has continued to inspire and motivate me- so i believe her when she says  now more than ever is the time for dreaming.

18 reasons:  art community food. i’ve been wrestling with the “what do you want to do with your life” question a lot these days, and i have to tell you, if i could just make a photocopy, i could probably give you more than 18 reasons why THIS is the perfect fit.  hello.  seriously.  nothing to change.  it’s absolutely perfect.

i need a kitchen cure.  i recently cleaned out our refrigerator, and can’t believe what a difference that has made.  and yet, i can’t seem to get beyond it to a sprucing and reorganizing of the rest of the kitchen-even though it needs it just as drastically as the fridge did.  i’m hoping the kitchen cure will push me along.  this week’s project:  the pantry.  i can handle that, right?  that’s three cupboards and one drawer (the tea drawer, i know, it’s a sickness) and the spice cupboard.  join me?

and, while we’re in the kitchen, why don’t we whip up some

thick, chewy granola bars from smitten kitchen

or pull some taffy from skip to my lou (i so want to have a romantic -okay not romantic, but silly and fun!-date doing this; think i can convince him?)

and handy dandy chai concentrate sounds like a comforting idea in these last days of winter.

or perhaps we could ignore winter altogether and make a caipirinha with the spirit of brazil, cachaca.  yes, please and thank you, i’ll have two.

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